Flatlander Grogg

Grind :

Far away, in the mystical realm known as the Midwest, a mythical creature stalks through the stalks of corn. This magical mythological man of mystery has the supernatural ability to think about corn, talk about corn, and see corn on a regular basis, without ever getting bored of corn.

You may think that a supernatural ability involving an incapability of discussing corn without yawning isn’t much of a super power, but maybe that’s because you aren't from the Midwest.

But aside from his passion for corn, this mythological creature has another passion: his delicious elixir! The flavors of vanilla, rum, and pecan make for a good cup of joe, so we asked him to divulge his mystical brew to us as to flavor our beans with it. He of course agreed, but was very disappointed that it was COFFEE beans we were flavoring and not SOY beans, which he loves almost as much as corn.

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