Highlander Grogg

Grind :

Fur ony o' ye scots folks, we ken howfur yer feelin' whin it comes tae bein' far fae hame. Tis solid whin na yin understands ye, 'n' yer accent. Tis enough tae juist mak' ye awa wi ye tae bile yer heid 'n' haud yer wheesht! Weel keep the heid! We 'ere at Lukewarm Coffee kin pat a bawherr scott back intae yer lee! Introducing Teuchter Grogg, a taps aff coffee tae remind ye o` yer days in th' moors! Wi' th' combined flavor micht o' butterscotch 'n' rum, ye'll be back tae yer auld scots sel again! We cannae guarantee that ye'll fit back intae yer auld kilt, bit it ne'er hurts tae huv a go!

For those who aren’t Scottish, allow us to translate: Highlander Grogg has hints of butterscotch and rum! It’s good! Try some!

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