Jamaican Me Nuts

Grind :
Ah, good old fashioned pirate romanticism: a life of adventure, treasure, swashbuckling, and privateering! It is a culture of yarr harrs, yo hos, and heave hos! Wherever there is an “X” in the sand, you can be sure to find a large chest of golden doubloons underneath it! Yessir, pirate romanticism is a glorious thing.

But there is a down-side to being a romanticised pirate: it has been known to cause severe and permanent damage to your depth perception. No one quite knows why this symptom of piracy occurs. Perhaps it is because, as a pirate, you are often outside in the sun for hours a day, which could be damaging to your eyesight without the proper sun-gear. Or it could be because of the horrible shrapnel flying at your face constantly due to cannon fire. Or it could be because you forget about your dangerously sharp hook-hand when your eye gets itchy.

Unlike piracy, our coffee has no eye-related side-effects, aside from keeping them open with caffeine! With a crew of flavors such as caramel, kahlua, and pecan, this coffee will shiver your scurvy timbers and hoist your main sails to get you through your day!

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