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All About Lukewarm Coffee

Lukewarm Coffee is a business that has been several years in the making. Believe it or not, the Lukewarm name didn't even start out with coffee, but started out as a newspaper comic strip started by a blushing boy of fifteen. The comic strip was more-or-less a satirical look at life and politics, all of which are something a blushing boy of fifteen knows nothing about. As time went on, and jokes were stolen by more professional comic artists, the comic went by the way-side, and Lukewarm faded from memory. Until one day, the blushing boy's father, who is an expert coffee roaster, came up with the idea to combine the satire and style of the boy's art with the great taste of freshly roasted coffee. Thus, Lukewarm Coffee was born!

Lukewarm Coffee

A family tradition of counting beans...

Fourteen years later, the blushing boy of fifteen is now a blushing adult man, and Lukewarm Coffee is still a family-run small business! We, like most coffee companies, can boast of small batch, artisan roasted, 100% Arabica coffee beans (insert blah, blah, blah here). All these things we do, and do well! We also don't try to pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to us selling our coffee at a TRUE pound (which is 16 oz.), instead of trying to pull a sneaky on you and sell you only 12 oz. like other companies. However, our goal is not just these many wonderful things.

Our goal at Lukewarm Coffee was to bring a little satire to a much too serious world. As far as coffee roasting and quality go, you won't find a more serious company. But we as a company wanted to also bring some form of fun to your morning cup o' joe!

Lukewarm Coffee company is a small family-run company. It consists of the two owners, their three grown children, and some wonderful long-time friends. The oldest son, the blushing boy who is now a man, draws all the art for the company, and tries his best to bring his dry sense of humor to Lukewarm Coffee. So that's enough blushing for one day. Try some of our coffee today! It means the much too serious world to us! And if you have any ideas for jokes or quips, share them on facebook! Who knows… you just might see them on a coffee bag one day!


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